Unofficial Warsaw GTFS feeds

Operator Data Source GTFS Feed Licence Notes
ZTM Warszawa ZTM Schedule Data usage terms (Polish) Contains Metro and Koleje Mazowieckie schedules
Metro Warszawskie CC0 1.0 Metro schedules are included in the ZTM Warszawa feed
Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa CC0 1.0
Komunikacja Miejska Łomianki CC0 1.0

Unofficial Warsaw GTFS-Realtime feeds

Feed Name Data Source GTFS-Realtime feed Licence Credit Notes
ZTM Warszawa - Alerts No Terms (=Public Domain) Updated every 15s. Polish diacritic letters are encoded in UTF-8.
ZTM Warszawa - Vehicle Locations "Otwarte Dane Po Warszawsku" project usage terms (Polish) Contains only Trams and Buses locations. Updated every 15s. Requires a proper credit, you can include the contents of

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